Vue templates

This part of the documentation relates to premium templates built with Cruip CSS framework only. If the template you are using is built on the top of Tailwind CSS, please refer to the last part of the documentation.

➡️ Run npm install to install dependencies.

➡️ Run npm run serve to run the app in the development mode.

➡️ Run npm run build to build a production-ready app.

Feel confused? 🤔 Watch the video below! 👇


Deploy with Netlify

To deploy with Netlify you just need to create a repository and copy the whole content of the Vuefolder, then, create a new site from Git in Netlify to deploy the app. We have included a netlify.toml file to allow you deploying without configuring anything.

Deploy with Heroku

In order to deploy with Heroku, we have added a server.js file in the root and a start script in the package.json file to be run once Vue.js installs dependencies (express is required as a dependency in the package.json file).